Best 10 Website Marketing Tools


Online marketing is a very serious business, and usually without tools which support your mission, your campaigns won’t get to stand a chance. So the below are the top 10 most useful and time-saving marketing tools present now.

Website Marketing

The famous Google Analytics

Well, you might be very acquainted with the fact that Google analytics presents you the most up-to-date and inclusive information which is required for your website traffic. It not only gives you “how many”, but also “from where”, which always remains an essential question if increasing your traffic is your aim. Google Analytics helps you to figure out how much you are making on your website, where the big money is coming from, and how to calculate your ROI. Along with that, it helps to determine how to capitalize on the best parts of your website, and bring in more revenue with the information that it brings.

Keyword Discovery – Keyword Research Tool

The other best keyword search tool now is Keyword Discovery or Keyword Research Tool. To have a good keyword research is highly important in marketing. Keyword Discovery is the best keyword research tool currently. When you try to develop or optimize your website, targeting the suitable keywords is very important for you so as to achieve high search engine traffic. Another keyword research tool which is quite efficient and which you can use is Word Tracker.

BacklinkWatch Backlink Monitor

This tool is somewhat like the SubmitExpress’s tool as this tool also provides a free backlink analysis but the difference is that, it does so in great depth. It provides Google PageRank besides the URL of the backlink along with the amount of outbound links it has.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the go-to resource when it comes to SEM. It allows seeingwhat people are searching and how many people are searching for your brand. It allowspurchasing and even searching items and further to track the number of searches and click-through on your purchase, giving you the whole control to website traffic.


The website management control panel of your website is WordPress. Millions of the world’s most-visited and trusted sites are already using it. The WordPress gives you to control your content and design your website without using an FTP server or ever opening Dreamweaver. It can be accessed by as many people as you want and one click can update it.

Digital Point Keyword Tracker

When you know which keywords you want to target for high search engine rankings, then this tool is very useful for tracking. This tool will let you know whether your changes are helping you or hurting you.

Crazy Egg Heat Maps

The Crazy Egg offer dynamic heat maps to know where your visitors click on your website. It can be helpful in optimizing advertisement for high conversions. This tool can also aware you of which portion to modify as visitors are not using that portion.

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

Before using Google AdWords to purchase keywords and search phrases, Microsoft can give you the probability of its success. This tool controls the financial impact that your keyword will hold.


The article marketing is an effective online tool. GoArticles, and sites like, can help you to spread your name around the web, simply by publishing articles to their databases. The best way is to push unique articles that will make you catch the readers’ eyes and then you can let the promotion begin.


It is mainly a social bookmarking toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefoxhaving more than 100+ categories. Here you can submit your website to the category which suits most and if people like your website they will click ‘I like it!’ in the toolbar. The more people who click ‘I like it!’, the chances of getting more visitors on your website.

Final Say

If you are starting to use tools in the marketing world, make sure to use these free tools on the web. These tools will surely bring an increase in your website traffic, also have promotion around the web, and, most importantly, you will get a greater return on investment.