Best 10 Best Gmail Alternatives you could give a Try


Gmail by Google is the best email accounts providers around the world serving more than 150 countries worldwide. Google had created this awesome web based tool to allow people to exchange their words through emails or chats. One only needs to have a working internet connection in order to access Gmail from their device. Gmail easily works on different devices at ripening fast speed. The exchange of messages takes place in less than a second most of the times. There are hardly any server issues with Gmail, but when they happen, Gmail gets worst with its services. If you wish to try out some of the best Gmail alternatives then here is the list of few email accounts providers other than Gmail.



It is one of the best web based service for sending emails that is made available for different platforms like Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows too. It offers you 25 MB storage in its free version. You can upgrade its storage memory by paying certain amount. You can create your email id with different domains like,,,, and

It is one of the best web services for creating email accounts that provides you with spam filters; 50 MB upload file size, and much more. You can choose any domain of your choice or profession from list of 200+ domains like, etc.


It is one of quickest email services available on web and allows one free email account to every person. It deletes multiple email accounts of single person by going through scans and checks on regular basis. Initially, you are provided with 25 MB free space that is upgradable to 10 GB for free. It has a user friendly interface and has a secure login button.

It is popular web service providing email accounts to the users with some of the greatest features. It provides you 5 GB free storage. You can attach a file up to 50 MB. It has automated virus scanner and do not irritate user with advertisement in inbox. You are provided with special tool for receiving the notifications for the new mail.


It is a professional featured email service providing you with unlimited email storage and offering full proof protection against spam and viruses. It has efficient working spam filters and is available for different platforms like Windows, iPhone, and Android.


ZOHO will help you to get familiar with classic, faster, secure, and easier email service offering you features like layout customization, labels & folders. This email service is free for a single domain name. If you wish to host different domains then you have to pay for it.


This is a short email service with emails limited to about 500 characters. The best thing about this service is that you can use Twitter user name for login into your shortmail account like You are not allowed to send any attachment, but the mails with attachment are saved in it.

It is the newly transformed email service by Microsoft where you can also login through different mail accounts. Emails and all contacts can easily be imported from outlook express. You are offered unlimited storage for free.


This is the best email service when it comes to virus protection. It does not allow virus infected email to reach to your account. It is a reliable service and the outgoing email storage offered by this service is 64 MB.

You can use this web service for exchanging the emails at much faster rate. Some of the most common features of this service are spam filters, mail scanners, virus protection, and you can even add shortcut to your inbox page for accessing Twitter & Facebook.

Final Words

These are some of the best email services that you can use as the alternatives of Gmail. These services can easily be used as Gmail alternatives and provide you with some of the best features. Few services have better features than Gmail while others are equivalent or slightly low in features as compared to Gmail. So, take your decision which email service to go for. Winter solstice Images